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Tech Focused 
Career Design

Success With Numbers allows you to focus on what you do best while being sure of your next career move.

Work With Lee

Lee Moore has over 30 years of experience managing and developing large teams.


He created Success With Numbers because he learned quickly that advancing your career takes strategic planning and insight into the organization.


The suite of services offered are designed to help technologists get the most out of their careers, by providing insight into the hiring process of tech focused organizations.


Your career should be based on your skillset, knowledge & goals, not just on how good your resume looks. Success With Numbers has demonstrated salary increases with clients as high as 80%. 

For Individuals 
o1  Career Plan

A career planning workshop starts with an interview.


While outlining your interests and goals, we develop a plan that aligns with your ideal career trajectory.  

You walk away with a playbook that you can use to discuss your career with current managers and to evaluate future career choices.


$400 ea. 

o2  Offer Evaluation

The offer evaluation process allows you to recognize the value you are bringing to the table. 


We walk through the true meaning of your offer and determine a negotiation strategy. 

You receive a one-page plan on how to negotiate your offer and a summary of best practices when discussing your salary. 

$300 ea.

o3  Interview Prep

Be ready for your interview by getting your story across clearly.


Mock interviews are a service you can find just about anywhere... Success With Numbers brings an approach designed from over 30 years of hiring experience for executive-level positions, all tailored to the specific job you're after.

This process will take you through multiple mock-interviews while refining your story along the way. 

$350 ea.

o3  Resume´ Proof

Is it time to search for a next career? Update your resume´ so that you feel good about using it to search for your dream job. 

We'll work on creating copy that aligns with the hiring process of the job your after in order to get you that initial interview. 

$100 ea.

o4   Tailored Coaching

Targeted advice needed for your unique circumstances?

We'll be happy to tailor advice to your circumstance and follow up till you're satisfied. 

$200 to develop plan and quote

For Organizations
Group Sessions

Success With Numbers offers group career sessions.

If you're an educator or group that is interested in advancing the career potential of your audience. 

These sessions can tie into your core curriculum and focus so that the content is relevant for your organization. 


We'll be happy to tailor a session to meet your requirements

$500 to develop plan and quote

Individual Sessions

Success With Numbers offers developmental sessions for high performers

If you're an interested in developing skills of your high performer(s). 

We'll be happy to develop a plan to help them be even more valueable to your enterprise.

$500 to develop plan and quote

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